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Our school

Welcome to Ipswich West State School, a school with high standards for a fulfilling, high quality education and school life. Located close to the city centre of Ipswich, we are a school moving from strength to strength with high standards for attendance, positive behaviour, literacy and conduct that are collective, consistent, communicated, monitored, recognised and rewarded, and addressed through support and intervention.  

With an enrolment capacity of 260 students and only one-and-a-half to two classes per year level, we are fortunate to have a close, supportive school community in which every student is known and catered for. We provide our students with the opportunities for a fulfilling school life, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for future schooling and beyond.

At Ipswich West State School, we work in partnership with parents, carers and family members to teach and help every child, every day to be their best. Research has found that parental involvement in learning, particularly your aspirations for your child’s learning, has an above average effect on student learning (Hattie, 2010). Overall, “the higher the hopes and expectations of parents with respect to the educational attainment of their child, the higher the student’s own educational expectations and, ultimately, the greater the students’ academic achievement” (Hong and Ho, 2005). Never stop talking with your child about what you hope for his/her education. It has a big impact!  The better the education, the better the skills and opportunities later in life.

We continue to work to ensure that we use the most effective teaching practices so that all students are achieving year level expectations and extended to reach their full potential.

Our priority focus areas are:

  • Literacy and numeracy, vital skills needed at all levels of education, work life and private life
  • Implementing the Australian Curriculum to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful students and citizens
  • Attendance at school because every day counts for your child’s learning and reliability
  • Positive behaviour to get along with others within and beyond school and engage in learning
  • Uniform-wearing to unite our students in smart attire

For our priority areas we:

  • Review/establish benchmarks
  • Set individual goals for students
  • Monitor benchmark and goal achievement through data collection, analysis and action planning
  • Research, review and embed consistent school-wide practices
  • Provide additional support to students missing essential knowledge and skills
  • Involve parents and specialists to address issues for students not meeting goals and making improvements

First opened in August 1861, the school is the fifth oldest state school still operating in Queensland. The heritage listed facilities create a unique, memorable school environment. A well-equipped computer lab and library, interactive whiteboards, iPads and air conditioning modernise and enhance our students’ learning. 

Welcome to the outstanding school community of Ipswich West State School.   

Mrs Cate Whiting